Tuesday, January 31

No ban on going to Sea View in Karachi on New Year night: Siyal

Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal says there would be no ban on going to Sea View in Karachi on New Year night. However, he said the citizens should show responsibility and not cause any trouble for others during celebrations.

Talking to media in Karachi, the Home Minister said we want to show the world that Karachi is safe now and people can celebrate their happy occasions without any fear.

He said the containers and hurdles blocking the roads leading to Sea View are being removed as these also cause immense problems for citizens living around these areas.

He said, however, there would be ban on aerial firing, one wheeling, car/motorcycle racing and bathing in the sea under Section 144 and asked the administration and law enforcement agencies to ensure the implementation of ban.

Source: Radio Pakistan