PTI Sindh President Haleem Adil Sheikh on Sunday issued a video statement regarding the plight of Pakistani students stranded in Kyrgyzstan.

“Our students are trapped in Kyrgyzstan, and the government has done nothing beyond issuing statements,” Sheikh said. “The Prime Minister stated that Amir Maqam and Foreign Minister, is being sent but this is not the time to send officials; planes should be dispatched immediately.”

Sheikh called for the immediate initiation of emergency flight operations and the opening of a green corridor to ensure the safe return of Pakistani nationals. He emphasized that steps should have been taken from the very first day.

“The Prime Minister, Army Chief, and Interior Minister should have communicated with their Kyrgyz counterparts to secure the safe return of our students,” he stated. “Even now, the situation remains dire, and our children are still trapped. The federal government has yet to take any action.”

Sheikh acknowledged that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial government has pledged to cover all expenses and urged the Sindh government to do the same. He stressed the importance of ensuring the students’ safe return.

He said “While Sindh government ministers are seen traveling in planes, our children must also be safely returned, and special flights should be arranged,” he demanded. “Numerous children from Sindh are stranded in Bishkek. The government must engage firmly with the Kyrgyz authorities to resolve this matter urgently.”