Jeddah The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) condemned Guatemala’s decision to relocate its embassy to the occupied city of Jerusalem in mid-May, considering it an illegal step and a violation of UN Security Council resolutions, particularly resolution 487, and the UN General Assembly resolutions on Jerusalem, which reject any actions that might prejudice the historical and legal status of the occupied city.

The OIC secretary general had sent a letter in early January to the Foreign minister of Guatemala in which he affirmed the OIC’s rejection of this illegal decision, which constitutes an aggression on the rights of the Palestinian people and millions of Muslims and Christians worldwide. It also contributes to consecrating Israeli occupation of the city of Jerusalem. In his letter, the secretary general also called on the Republic of Guatemala to revoke its decision and honor its legal and political obligations under international law and international legitimacy resolutions, and called on it to adopt positions that support the chances for peace based on the two-state solution and the promotion of stability in the region and throughout the world.

Source: International Islamic News Agency