LARKANA: Two major criminal incidents were reported here on Tuesday in which Zafar Brohi lost cash, gold and a mobile phone in the limits of Rahmatpur Police Station whereas Shahzor Khuhro was robbed of Rs364,000 cash outside a private bank by armed looters in the limits of Hyderi police station.

According to details, unknown armed thieves entered into the house of Zafar Brohi late last night in Shahu Boraho village and stole Rs8 lac cash, 4 tola golden ornaments and a cellular phone after making the inmates captive. Police were informed, they arrived, acquired details and started an investigation.

Brohi, a trader of Flour Chakki, alleged that over ten criminals wearing police uniforms and having government rifles crossed his wall during darkness, made men, women and children captive, looted the costly goods and fled. He said police were informed timely but they have failed to either chase the gangsters or to recover the stolen material.

In another incident, vegetable trader Shahzor Khuhro was robbed of Rs364,000 when he brought the cash in a bag to deposit in a private bank in Sabzi Mandi. As soon as he reached outside the bank unknown armed looters deprived him of the cash bag, and fled on a bike without fear of law.

He said relevant police arrived, sought details and started a probe. Sabzi Mandi Association has meanwhile warned the police to recover the robbed money within 24 hours or be ready for a massive protest demonstration. Both the affected people have earnestly urged the Sindh government and higher police officers of Larkana to look into the surging crime and ensure recovery.