Online salaries in March or June to LG employees

NAUNDERO:President, All Pakistan Shah Lateef Local Government Employees Federation, Hafiz Mushtaque Ahmed Korejo, said in a statement Thursday that according to the Local Government Secretary, online salaries would be disbursed in March or April at all costs.


He said that after a four-hour sit-in in Karachi, talks were held with the Secretary, which continued for four and half hours during which the he sought four months time to collect data of the employees to make disbursement of monthly salaries through existing online system which would ensure payment on 1st of every month as was being for other government servants.


He said a charter of demands containing 13 demands were presented to the Secretary after which a notification was issued to collect data on divisional level and committee was constituted. He said rumours of retrenchment of 2012-13 appointees were fake and unfounded which was being propagated on social media.


He said: “If such a situation took place then we will again launch a massive struggle against that illegal move because the employees have been constantly and regularly drawing their monthly salaries since then for which their bank account statements are enough evidence to prove their legality.”


He said that employees should not worry and keep faith in their leadership and be united to get their rights which were given to other Sindh government servants. He said according to the Secretary, online salaries will be disbursed in March or April at all costs.