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Opening of businesses will be allowed but with SOPs: Info Minister

May 31, 2020

KARACHI:Sindh Information Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has said that COVID 19 saved the PTI government, otherwise, the state of the country’s economy owing to the failed policies of this incompetent government was in front of everyone.

He said in a statement that politics itself was not a bad thing at all, but bad people had dishonored it. “Everyone knows who is causing controversies in the country,” he said. Shah said that the seriousness of the Prime Minister regarding Covid-19 could be gauged from the fact that the first case of coronavirus in the country came to light on February 26, while the Prime Minister convened the first meeting to address this serious issue on March 13.

The minister said that only a tweet came between February 26 and March 13. He said that from the very beginning, the Sindh government tried its utmost that a unanimous voice should go out in public regarding the steps being taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but it was unfortunate to say that due to the lack of seriousness of the federal government, the sincere attempt of the Sindh government failed.

Shah said that the Sindh government decided to impose strict lockdown in the province after consulting medical experts. He said that if the Prime Minister had supported Syed Murad Ali Shah regarding strict lockdown at that time, the situation would have been very different today regarding the spread of coronavirus in the country.

“Because of the federal government’s failure to make timely decisions, we will now have to deal with the coronavirus for a long time,” he said. Shah said that the opening of businesses would be allowed but with standard operating procedures.

The minister said that if on the suggestion of the Sindh government, two complete lockdowns of 15 days each had been imposed in the beginning, the coronavirus would not have spread so much in the country today. “If we had taken appropriate measures at the Iran-Afghanistan borders and at the airports in the beginning, we could have prevented the Coronavirus from entering the country,” he said.

Shah said that when the Prime Minister woke up on March 13 despite the appearance of the first Coronavirus case on February 26, how could the timely preventive measures be taken? He said the Sindh government had been accused from the beginning of intimidating the people. He said that when the doctors held a press conference and talked about the threat of coronavirus, then they were also accused of holding a press conference at the behest of the Sindh government.

Shah said that although the Sindh government seemed to be a villain in the eyes of the common man and business community today, but whatever tough decisions the Sindh government took, it did it to save lives.

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