Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to Help ChildLife Foundation Expand Life-Saving Operations

KARACHI:ChildLife Foundation (ChildLife) said in a statement on Friday that it has selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to support its third party hospital management system application. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has helped the foundation significantly increase the utilization of the application by improving its availability and performance, at a reduced cost.

ChildLife has been expanding its operations exponentially since its inception in 2010. To continue this, it needed a stable, secure and scalable platform to underpin its hospital management information system and support this ongoing growth.

The foundation has made significant savings by deploying Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to help it future-proof its IT infrastructure, instead of upgrading its on-premises solution. This is helping the foundation direct the maximum amount of funding and resources towards achieving its mission: providing quality and free-of-cost emergency healthcare to every child in Pakistan. Additionally, Oracle Cloud will help deliver the performance and scalability needed to run demanding workloads and maximize the availability of data and applications, as well as provide a disaster recovery site.

“Transforming the future of healthcare can be achieved by leveraging the latest technology to deliver high-quality patient care at a reduced cost. While this is true globally, it specifically applies to a country like Pakistan, where resources are limited,” said Amer Khan, Senior Sales Director, Technology Business, Oracle Pakistan. “We are delighted to help ChildLife Foundation build a reliable and highly available healthcare platform using Oracle’s cloud offerings that will help provide patient-centered, value-based care, enabling the foundation to continue to expand its healthcare network without worrying about the security, scalability and performance issues.”

“Preventable deaths claim the lives of hundreds of children annually in Pakistan, with pneumonia alone killing 92,000 children annually. Our aim is to save as many of them as possible by making rapid access to free-of-cost and quality emergency medical care possible across the country,” said Dr. Ahson Rabbani, CEO – ChildLife Foundation. “Knowing that our hospital management system application is running on a reliable, performant and secure cloud like Oracle Cloud, gives us peace of mind and allows us to ensure that the majority of our funding goes towards delivering an efficient healthcare system.”

ChildLife operates in 21 hospitals with 10 state-of-the-art, model emergency rooms in all public-teaching hospitals across Sindh and Baluchistan provinces and 11 telemedicine satellite centers serving far-flung areas, providing services that typically help save one million lives annually.