Pak-US partnership critical for transformation to renewables: Envoy

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan has said the United States can help Pakistan in transformation to renewables, especially wind and solar power. He was addressing a webinar on “What Pakistan’s Climate Crisis Means for the World” organized by prestigious US think-tank Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, says a press release received here on Wednesday from Washington DC.

He said transformation to renewables was important for adaptation and embracing new technologies that would help the country build resilience to respond to the future disasters. He said USAID, State Department and Pakistan are coordinating to develop projects that would benefit people directly and would launch a new program for climate adaptation and risk mitigation. The Ambassador said that Pakistan’s top priorities post floods period included recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction and within these three clusters, our priorities are to restore lives and livelihoods; create economic opportunities; ensure social protection and rebuild damaged infrastructure.

He said the projects pledged by international financial institutions and multilateral banks during Geneva Conference are aimed at poverty alleviation and building new infrastructure in critical sectors such as health and education. He said the Government of Pakistan and all the provincial governments are firmly committed to ensuring transparency and accountability in utilization of flood assistance. The Ambassador said that Pakistan looked forward to international community for climate justice in addition to the support that has been provided for reconstruction and rehabilitation.

He said we hope that the Loss and Damage Fund, set up by COP27, would be financed by the developed world to save countries like Pakistan from annihilation in future. Director for USAID’s Office of Climate and Sustainable Growth at the US Embassy in Islamabad Steve Rynecki said that climate change was one of the biggest transnational challenges of the present time. He said the United States is working closely with Pakistan to help the country in building resilience to drought and floods.