Saturday, February 4

Parliamentarians from Sindh visit Punjab Safe Cities Authority

LAHORE: Sindh Assembly members’ delegation visited Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) headquarters here on Thursday to secure first-hand insight of the facility.

The Chief Operating Officer PSCA Muhammad Kamran Khan briefed the delegation about various arms and functions of the project. Representatives of PTI, PPP, MQM-P. GDA and PML-F were included in the 30 members’ delegation of Sindh Assembly members. The delegation of Sindh Assembly members included Nusrat Sehar Abbasi, Munawar Wasan, Syed Afridi, Dr. Rafiq, Adiba Hassan, Jamal Siddiqui, Riaz Haider, Adeel Shehzad, Basit Siddiqui, Naseem Rajpar, Abbas Jafri and others.

On this occasion, the members of Sindh Assembly said that a modern system like Punjab Safe Cities Authority is needed all over the country including Sindh. The delegation acknowledged the project as a marvel of technology and a milestone towards the beginning of new Police culture. They praised the performance of Safe Cities for reduction in crime rate, provision of swift emergency response and intelligent traffic management in the city.

Members of the Sindh Assembly expressed keen interest in the Women Safety Appcreated for the protection of women. The delegation appreciated the efforts of Safe Cities in protecting women. The international ranking of Lahore has improved due to this project and the fact should be acknowledged, they added. Chief Operating Officer Muhammad Kamran Khan told the delegation that Safe Cities has so far provided more than 10,000 pieces of forensic video evidence to law enforcement agencies. Safe Cities found more than 350 missing children and reunited them with their parents. Thanks to the integrated system of the authority, there has been a significant improvement in the response time of the police, he added.

Earlier, members of Sindh Assembly were briefed about camera monitoring, e-challan and intelligent traffic management system and emergency 15 helpline. The delegation was also given a tour of Pucar-15, Media Center and Evidence Collection Center. Later, commemorative shields were exchanged between both sides.