The Parliamentary Committee on Judges Appointment on Friday approved the elevation of three high court judges to the Supreme Court (SC).

As per details, the Parliamentary body okayed the elevation of LHC Chief Justice, Mr. Justice Malik Shahzad Khan, SHC Chief Justice, Mr. Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi and LHC’s Justice Shahid Bilal to the Supreme Court.

The Judicial Commission of Pakistan (JCP) in its meeting on June 7, recommended the names of three high court judges for elevation to the Supreme Court for final approval by the Parliamentary Committee.

The recommendations were made during a meeting of the Judicial Commission held under chairmanship of Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa and the three high courts’ judge will be elevated to the Supreme Court against vacant seats.

During the meeting, the names of Lahore High Court Chief Justice Malik Shahzad Ahmad, Sindh High Court Chief Justice Aqeel Abbasi, and LHC Justice Shahid Bilal have been proposed, the sources said.

CJP Isa had, last month, convened the JCP meeting for deliberations over the appointment of three judges in the SC.

The JCP was constituted under the 18th Constitutional Amendment mandated to appoint judges in the superior judiciary.

It was tasked to consider names of nine judges, including LHC chief justice and SHC chief justice, for filling the three vacant posts in the apex court.