In a significant move towards enhancing healthcare services, the Ministry of Health has approved a PC-1 project worth four billion rupees for the upgradation of Polyclinic Hospital.

Dr Malik Mukhtar Ahmed, Coordinator to the Prime Minister on National Health Services, announced this major development, emphasizing the government’s commitment to providing advanced medical facilities to the public.

As part of this initiative, a state-of-the-art cath lab will be installed in Polyclinic Hospital. This facility will offer a range of specialized procedures including ablation, angiogram, and angioplasty, significantly improving the quality of care for heart patients. The new cath lab will also provide stenting services, ensuring comprehensive cardiac care under one roof. Dr. Ahmed highlighted that replacing old biomedical machinery with the latest equipment will further enhance the hospital’s ability to deliver modern and effective medical treatments. Additionally, the main building of Polyclinic Hospital, along with the MCH Aabpara, G-7/3, G-7/4 dispensary, and hostel, will be transitioned to solar power.

This shift to renewable energy is expected to not only save on energy costs but also reduce the financial burden on the government’s treasury. This move underscores the Ministry’s dedication to sustainable practices and energy efficiency in public healthcare facilities.

Dr Ahmed reiterated the government’s strong commitment to improving the performance and infrastructure of hospitals across the country. These upgrades at Polyclinic Hospital are part of a broader strategy to elevate the standard of healthcare services, ensuring that patients receive the best possible medical care.