PCJCCI steps ahead to develop Gilgit Baltistan as Pak-China joint Tourism Zone

Chambers of Commerce Official News

Lahore, April 19, 2018 (PPI-OT): President Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) Mr. S.M. Naveed has proposed to develop Gilgit Baltistan as a joint tourism zone for people of Pakistan and China. While addressing a meeting of PCJCCI Think Tank today, he urged the government to lay down a concrete strategy on the development of tourism industry in Gilgit Baltistan through exploitation of the beautiful locations and abundant natural resources available in the region. The meeting was also attended a number of the senior members of PCJCCI.

Mr. Naveed proposed the idea of initiating and welcoming Chinese tourism to Pakistan especially in the region of Gilgit Baltistan as the area is not only loaded with immense beauty but also has so many healthy and useful resources. “we are eager to take the plunge for the Chinese tourism in Pakistan and make use of the natural revenue in the best way we can”, he said adding that Gilgit Baltistan is the cross section of the world’s four famous high altitude mountain ranges which include Karakoram, Himalayas, Hindu Kush and Pamir. Not only this, Mr. further told that the region also carried the status of holding three of the World’s longest glaciers outside the polar region.

Whereas, the environment in Gilgit Baltistan was also conducive for international level’s trekking, mountaineering and hiking, he said and observed that development of Tourism industry could do wonders for Pakistan’s economy and also cultivate goodwill for the country globally by carrying out a well-thought tourism plan in the region.

Mr. Naveed further told that Gilgit Baltistan had tremendous archaeological sites such as ancient stone circles and Buddhist stupas. He accentuated that such vibrant cultural expressions reflected through the language, festivals, food, sports, traditional music, arts and handicrafts can undoubtedly carve out peaceful Pakistan image – the crux of diplomatic policy prescriptions. The region has much to give but it is consistently being passed over by the federal government as the financial resources had not been distributed among Gilgit Baltistan masses, he lamented and expressed the aim to raise his voice with active cooperation to undertake a development strategy for Gilgit Baltistan at PCJCCI platform by taking up the matter both at provincial and federal government level.

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