The Pakistan Disaster Management Authority (PMDA) on Sunday issued a heatwave alert for Punjab.

According to details, the PDMA has warned of a week-long heatstroke in the province of Punjab (May 21 to 27) and has advised people to avoid going out in the afternoon needlessly.

Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Dera Ghazi Khan and Multan can face severe heatwave, the PDMA alert said and directed the administration to set up heatwave counters at the hospitals.

The administration has been directed to ensure the availability of the medicines necessary for treating heatwave patients.

Different areas of Punjab are expected to have scorching temperatures up to 46 degrees centigrade in the coming week.

Parts of the country are facing scorching hot temperatures.

Earlier, the Federal Government established the country’s first “Climate Change Authority” under the Climate Change Act 2017.

A three-member Supreme Court bench in its judgment had directed the Federal Government to establish the Climate Change Authority to cope with the risk of global warming and environmental degradation.

Climate Change Act 2017 states that the headquarters of the Authority will be in Islamabad and it may set up its offices at other places as per the requirement.