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People fear dengue fever outbreak

January 21, 2012

LAHORE: Tulspura residents on Saturday protested against Wagah Town Municipal Administration over inundation of streets due to over-flowing sewer gutters.

They gathered at the Canal Road near Dayal House, where they chanted slogans.

A banner inscribed with slogans “Save us from dengue fever” has also been displayed along the road to attract government authorities’ attention.

Abdul Karim, a shopkeeper, said the gutters were over-flowing for last two weeks because there was no proper drainage system and the sewer waste was discharged into the Lahore canal.

“The streets are submerged as the sewer flow into canal was stopped following canal’s closure for annual cleanliness,” he added.

The protestors feared that stagnant sewer water had caused smear stinking and may lead to an outbreak of fatal dengue fever, if the chocked drainage system was not restored immediately.

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