LARKANA: Sindh High Court Circuit Court, Larkana on Saturday issued notices to Sindh Irrigation Secretary, Chief Engineer, Right Bank, XEN and others on a petition filed by a well-known lawyer and PML-N leader Anwer Ali Abro against water shortage.

The court directed them to appear before it on 5th July. The petitioner stated that there is a severe water shortage in Larkana’s Rice Canal and others, watercourses and branches. He said that the irrigation department is obliged to provide water from 1st May to 21st August, despite the fact that water is not provided to the growers.

He further stated that from May 1 to the end of August, water is given to the tillers for their crops, but the peasants and farmers had been continuously protesting against the lack of water, as the officials of the irrigation department had not even heard a word.

He said that even now there is water in the Indus River, but the growers are not giving water and he will appeal to the Sindh government to take strict action against those who were stealing water. He said that today he had filed a petition against water shortage in the double bench of the Sindh High Court Circuit Court, on which the court had issued a notice to the Secretary of the Irrigation Department by fax and will also issue a notice to the Chief Engineer, Executive Engineer and others to appear on July 5.