Petroleum dealers threaten countrywide strike from July 18

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA) Saturday threatened to observe a countrywide strike from July 18 in favor of their demands.

PPDA chairman Abdul Sami Khan said they will observe a countrywide strike on July 18 and won’t reopen the fuel stations until their demands were accepted including an increase in their commission. Petroleum dealers association leader said the increase in fuel prices is not benefiting them, they are worried due to the increasing cost of doing business.

PTI government promised to increase commission by 4pc till June, but the promise was not fulfilled, Abdul Sami Khan said. He said the cost of doing business has sharply increased, after rising in the electricity tariff, and the interest rate of the bank.

Petroleum Dealers Association chairman Abdul Sami Khan said they do not want to take such a decision that ultimately create problems for the masses, but they are facing hardships in doing business, which should be resolved. Earlier, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz-led coalition government again jacked up the petrol price by Rs14.85 per litre.

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