Plan to impose Imran on Pakistan devised decades ago: Saad, Ayaz

ISLAMABAD: Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique and former Speaker Ayaz Sadiq on Sunday claimed that the plan to impose Imran Khan on Pakistan was devised decades ago.

Addressing a joint press conference, they claimed that the previous government wrecked the system, exacerbated the railway deficit, and destroyed institutions with Imran Khan as its leader. They questioned what the Bani Gala resident’s main source of income is. Khawaja went on to say that the nation’s current plight is the result of Imran Khan’s incompetence.

They said Imran referred to others as thieves, but he is the biggest thieves of all. He said Imran has grown up on other people’s pieces since the beginning of his cricketing career. The PML-N leaders went on to explain that this individual (Imran) has an uneven character and is ungrateful. He said: “You (Imran) do not want Nawaz Sharif to return to Pakistan”.

Khawaja said that politics of Imran will end when Nawaz Sharif returns.” He claimed that the EVM was a plot to undermine the constitutional structure with a two-thirds majority. “We also want overseas Pakistanis to have the right to vote,” said the Railways Minister. Farah Gogi led the previous government in Punjab, he claimed. Khawaja slammed the former premier, saying, “You didn’t even manage to spend three days in jail.”

Railway ministers claimed that if a caretaker government had taken control, world institutions may refuse to hold discussions with Pakistan. Khawaja Saad Rafique remarked that Imran is worse than dictators, and that anyone who disagree with him are verbally abused.

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