Planning Commission initiates future socio-economic roadmap

By Newsdesk Nov13,2022

ISLAMABAD: Planning Commission Sunday initiated a comprehensive study on the future development scenario building for Pakistan titled “Pakistan Outlook 2035”.

The study will assess long-term challenges in the light of prevailing economic crisis and changing global dynamics in key sectors of economy and identify policy choices for rapid socio-economic development of the country.

While chairing a meeting of the Planning Commission Members in Islamabad, Minister for Planning and Development, Ahsan Iqbal said the study will be launched at the start of 2023. He said it will act as a prelude to developing Pakistan’s Vision 2035 and Vision 2047. The Planning Minister emphasized that Pakistan’s economy requires fundamental structural changes and development of new export led growth paradigm.

He said this can only be achieved by following a consistent policy framework for at least a decade. Ahsan Iqbal said the present government’s topmost priority is to bring about an economic turnaround and resume the journey to national progress.

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