PM asked to order probe into non-provision security to MPA Adil


KARACHI: Haleem Adil sheikh, the Leader of Opposition in Sindh Assembly has written a letter To Prime Minister Imran Khan requesting him to order an inquiry against DIG and SSP Shaheed Benazirabad for their failure to give the protocol during his visit to Nawabshah on Sunday.

“It is stated that yesterday, on Sunday, August 1, 2021, I went to Nawabshah to attend the wedding ceremony of one of our party workers, Aftab Maher, and to hold an organizational meeting with PT office-bearers and party workers of eastern Sindh. In this regard, we had officially written a letter to IG Sindh, DIG, Hyderabad, DIG Nawabshah for provision of adequate security as being the opposition leader of Sindh Assembly, security through police is my constitutional right,” he added in the letter.

Sheikh stated that he was going to Nawabshah, he had received information that some PPP workers would not allow him to come to Nawabshah and were planning to attack his convoy at the location of the wedding ceremony.

“The party worker who had invited me to the ceremony was also warned not to invite me. In view of this situation, I called DIG Nawabshah Irfan Baloch and SSP Ameer Saud Magsi Saud from my number and sent them official letters through WhatsApp as well. He said that they had assured him that the police would provide him with full security and would ensure that no such accidents happened.

“Upon this confirmation I reached Nawabshah, first I went to my party colleague Farooq Ahmed Chandio in Sakrand, after which I attended the wedding of the party worker in Qazi Ahmed and came to Nawabshah city and addressed the press conference at Press Club and then met PTI Region Leader former MPA Inayat Rind at Rind’s house is located near Zardari House Nawabshah” he added in his letter.

He said that when he was on his way back to Hyderabad after this meeting, he said that when he passed Asif Ali Zardari’s house on the main road and some reformers tried to block his way.”

“Some armed men joined a group coming from the main gate of Zardari house and started throwing eggs and stones at our vehicles,” he added. “Soon after, these goons began aerial firing and our workers who were trying to stop the commotion saw weapons in their hands and tried to escape,” he added.

“No one has the right to stop any one on the way. I was not given any security by the police even at that time and decided to return from Nawabshah on my own after the incident. Under Article 15 of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973, no one can stop anyone from visiting any city of Pakistan” he added. Mr Sheikh added that in Sindh, just as Altaf Hussain had created No-go areas in Karachi, Asif Ali Zardari and Bilawal Zardari had also created No-go areas in their cities.

The Leader of Opposition in Sindh Assembly said that was the fifth attack on him earlier, on the instructions of Provincial Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal, PPP workers had attacked him in Larkana, PPP provincial minister Taimur Talpur had orchestrated an attack on him in Kunri of Umerkot district , PPP workers at had tacked me at PS-88 Malir Karachi during by-polls and PPP also attacked him, in Ghotki district and on now the orders of Asif Ali Zardari and Bilawal Zardari in Nawabshah an attempt was made to block his way by attacking my convoy.

“It is requested that both , DIG Nawabshah Irfan Baloch, SSP Nawabshah Ameer Saud Magsi, are PSP officers who have been posted in Sindh for a long period and are enslaved by PPP to whom I have given official and personal information for provisional of adequate security but they failed to provide security” he added.

“It is therefore, requested that immediate action may kindly be taken against them from the Establishment Division and they have no right to remain in these important public posts and the whole matter should be investigated as to why the police deliberately did not provide security to the Opposition leader of Sindh Assembly,” Sheikh concluded.

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