PM Shehbaz reviews relief in flood-hit Jaffarabad

Jaffarabad: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif reached Haji Alla Dino village of Jaffarabad district in Balochistan today (Sunday) to review the relief and rescue efforts in the wake of heavy floods and rains.

The premier will visit the flood-affected Haji Allah Dino village in Jaffarabad and monitor the relief efforts. Balochistan’s chief secretary and PDMA director general briefed the prime minister about the relief provided to the flood-affected people and the restoration of the infrastructure.

PM Shehbaz will meet the people affected by the floods and interact with them in order to get a true picture of the devastation and also to know whether they got relief assistance. He will address the media. The premier will also have an aerial view of other flood-hit areas including Hafizabad, Gabi Khan, Qadir Khan and Shikarpur.