Saturday, November 26

Police take Gill’s driver’s wife, relative into custody

ISLAMABAD: Police on Thursday took wife of PTI leader Shahbaz Gill’s driver into custody during raid at the house of latter in a bid to recover his mobile phone for investigation purposes.

Izhar, the driver of Gill, had already fled away when police conducted raid to arrest him. However, the police took his wife and a relative into custody. According to the police, Gill told them that he handed over his mobile to his driver at the time of arrest. They said that Izhar’s wife and brother-in-law attacked the personnel of law enforcement agency and tore their uniform.

Both Izhar’s wife and relative were also booked with the Aabpara police over charges of creating hurdles in the official work during the raid. Earlier, the police secured two-day physical remand of Shahbaz Gill who was booked and arrested over charges of making anti-state remarks.

Reacting to the police’s raid, PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan strongly condemned arrest of Izhar’s wife and relative, terming it “fascist illegal abductions.” Imran Khan tweeted, “I want to ask our legal community are there no fundamental rights anymore?”

The former Prime Minister also lashed out at the incumbent government, saying that imported government of the cabal of crooks brought through foreign backed regime change was using fear and terror in the media and among people to gain acceptance after facing rejection in Punjab.

Khan wrote, “But all they are succeeding in doing is further destabilising the country. The only solution is fair and free elections.” On other hands, ARY news is still banned due to the remarks of Gill and the journalists’ bodies are protesting against the Federal government for its step.