Poll rigging: Wheeljam strike observed on Balochistan’s main highways

QUETTA: A wheeljam strike was observed on main highways of northern Balochistan on the call of Pushtunkhwa National Awami Party against alleged rigging in NA-251-Zhob-cum-Sherani constituency election.

According to a report, on the call of Pushtunkhwa National Awami Party, all national highways of northern Balochistan, connecting with Punjab and Khyberpushtunkhwa were closed for all kinds of vehicular traffic in protest over tempering the election result of Chairman Pushtunkhwa National Awami Party.

It is pertinent to mention that Chairman Pushtunkhwa National Awami Party, Khushal Khan Kakar, had announced to block main national highways of the province against tempering his election result of NA-251-Zhob-cum-Sherani constituency.