About PPI

PPI is the proud name of Pakistan news industry

When it comes to who leads the news industry in Pakistan so in the majority of people’s minds the only one name comes and that is none other than “Pakistan Press International” which is the country’s top and independent news agency and it was launched in 1956 and since then it has been the prominent name of Pakistan news industry. Since the beginning of its career, the “PPI” has been the reliable source of publishing news of all kinds to its readers of different kinds. As the PPI has not got off the track determined by the norms of journalism, so behind that there is its team’s devotion to crusade for the teachings of journalism, to be followed by all the media outlets in the Pakistan News Industry. The “PPI” is also recognized internationally and that is because the news on the website is free from being prejudiced against or for any particular group or community and that helps us to maintain international standards of journalism. The “PPI” is the trustworthy name for international media to find out the ever-changing events from all the sectors of Pakistan and of the region.

What’s more The PPI Offers?

PPI has not limited itself to only cover political news; in fact, it also covers the economic, social and cultural and sports news specifically from the rural areas of Pakistan as we believe that the news from rural areas also deserves projection. One of the prominent landmarks, which the PPI has got, is renowned name that has not been ever questioned as far as publishing the authentic news is concerned. One of the purposes of giving special coverage to the rural areas of Pakistan, is to let the people of rural areas get aware of social issues such as drug addiction, smoking and many other health issues, that are more common in the rural areas than cities, with that the PPI also publishes news of many positive initiatives to move the rural areas of Pakistan towards progress, such as women’s empowerment, the fundamental rights of the people of rural areas, children rights and family planning. The PPI has its bureaus in various cities such as Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Azad Kashmir and that makes is the reliable platform for the readers to find out all sorts of news from all sorts of sectors. Advertise your business through opting for our press release service, which enables you to make your business dominate the unexplored international markets and that is what many businesses have succeeded in it.

PPI has a lot to offer to journalists

As PPI sticks to the norms of journalism, so it makes it realize its responsibility of standing beside the journalists and ponder to train them in order to let them work in a more professional way. In this regard it provides on-the job training to many journalists and that strategy of PPI, makes it “considered” as the biggest institute for the journalists in Pakistan.

To whom we are collaborating?

PPI is considered as the active member of the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors, the organization of Asia- Pacific News Agencies and the Asia Net Consortium. The PPI also has its renowned track record of keep supporting the independent radio journalism in the Pakistan and actively come up with ten news bulletins on a daily basis, which are broadcasted by 25 radio stations from all across the country.

Meet us on all the social media platforms

We ensure that you find easily us on all the social media platforms and that is why our social media team behind PPI, is highly devoted to never to lose your any kind of feedback regarding our news website. The team has ensured our presence over all the social media platforms that have made us able to get engaged with the users of all the social media platforms.