PPP demands bye-elections in three provincial assembly seats in rural Sindh

ISLAMABAD:Pakistan Peopes Party Senator Taj Haider has written a letter to the Chief Election Commissioner asking him to hold bye-election in three provincial assembly seats in Sindh which has been long overdue and once against has been postponed by the Election Commission until 30th January 2021.

Senator Haider in his letter has said that this postponement of bye-elections amounts to disenfranchisement of the voters of these three constituencies. He wrote that these constituencies are in rural Sindh where threat of Covid-19 is nearly non-existent.

These three constituencies are PS 52 Umarkot, PS 88 Malir and PS 43 Sanghar. He said that elections were held recently in Gilgit Baltistan and the United States despite Covid-19 pandemic.

The Sindh government has taken excellent measures to control and combat the pandemic and is capable of enforcing all safety measures in areas which are less affected by this pandemic.

He further wrote that article 224 (4) of the constitution clearly says that bye-election be held within 60 days if a seat is vacated. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has repeatedly threatened opposition of bye-elections saying that if the opposition were to resign from their seats he will hold bye-elections on those seats.

Senator Haider prayed to the CEC to revoke his decision of further delaying bye-elections in the above mentioned vacant seats in rural Sindh which are vacated due to unfortunate death of members. He asked to announce a bye-election schedule at the earliest.