PTI Sindh has initiated a tree plantation drive in Karachi as part of its plan to plant 200,000 saplings across Sindh.

The campaign was inaugurated at Ismail Guljee Park in Saddar Town. The inauguration ceremony was attended by PTI Sindh Additional General Secretary Rizwan Niazi and other leaders.

Speaking to the media, PTI Karachi President Raja Azhar emphasized the urgent need for tree planting to tackle the severe heat waves. He criticized the Sindh government for neglecting Karachi and stated that the tree plantation drive was essential for the city’s survival.

Azhar noted that their founding party chairman Imran Khan had initiated the Ten Billion Trees Tsunami Programme, and following his vision, they had started the tree plantation drive in Karachi. He pointed out that while Karachi supported the entire country, it was often neglected when it came to development. The Sindh government had also ignored Karachi in the annual budget, he noted. He invited Karachi stakeholders to join the plantation campaign.

PTI Sindh Additional General Secretary Rizwan Niazi, speaking to the media, mentioned that they had announced the start of the tree plantation campaign across Sindh, including Karachi, in a press conference last Sunday, so today, they had formally launched it.

He added that they had started the plantation campaign in Karachi and urged other organizations to join in so as to make Karachi a green and vibrant city once again.

Saddar Town Chairman and PTI leader Mansoor Sheikh stated: “Karachi is known as the city of lights, and until tree plantation is carried out, the city’s lights cannot be fully restored.” He emphasized that Saddar Town will become the most developed town in Karachi. He mentioned that they had built Karachi’s first plastic road in Saddar Town and were providing free Wi-Fi in various parks and food streets to encourage people to visit these parks.

PTI Women Wing Karachi President Fizza Zeeshan discussed their extensive plan to plant trees in all districts of Karachi. She emphasized the need to continue the plantation drive to combat global warming, noting that cutting down trees prevents the purification of carbon dioxide in the air.