Tuesday, January 31

PTI Leader Mian Akram Usman gets ticket for PP-158

ISLAMABAD:Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) has fielded Mian Akram Usman as candidate for the fast approaching by-polls in PP-158.

Taking to Twitter, PTI leader Mian Akram Usman shared his pictures with party leader and former Finance Minister Hammad Azhar. “All praise to Almighty Allah, I have been issued ticket today for PP-158,” said Mian Usman, adding that Asad Umar issued it and Hammad Azhar handed him over.

The upcoming by-polls are real challenge for the PTI as it will reflect its position among the public. On other hand, the PML-N and PPP who are in power have yet to land their leaders in the field. The allied parties have decided to give real tough time to the PTI and Imran Khan in by-polls and in the next general elections.