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Public transport system needs urgent revamping

February 16, 2012

Karachi: Public transport system in Karachi needs an overhauling on urgent basis, as millions of commuters are facing problems due to chaotic minibus system in vogue in the city.

Karachi is the only mega city of the world where prescribed minibus colour code is not implemented. All types of public transport buses and minibuses plying in Karachi violate prescribed colour code, depicting lack of interest of relevant department to make their writ felt.

In the city buses, minibuses and ‘coaches’ of all colours and hues could be seen running on roads. Though the government has prescribed proper colour scheme of all public transport vehicles, but the private transporters do not think it necessary to follow the rules and regulations.

In major urban cities all over the world a proper colour scheme is prescribed for public transport vehicles so that commuters could easily identify them. In past the official colour scheme for minibuses -yellow and white- used to be followed by transporters, but presently they do not bother to paint their vehicles as per official colour code and public transport vehicles of almost all colours are seen plying on the city roads with impunity.

Karachi is also a unique city of the world where bus tickets are not issued to commuters after getting fare from them. Issuing bus tickets is the basic rule of a civilized public transport system. Similarly, it is the distinction of Karachi that here taxis and rickshaws run without flagging down their meters. Here taxi and rickshaw drivers bargain fare with passengers and always charge more.

Karachiites have demanded from the transport department, traffic police and Karachi Municipal Corporation to play their role in getting implementing the official colour code of buses, minibuses and coaches plying in Karachi, so that the city roads could offer a discipline civic look, which is the hallmark of civilized urban cities.

Traffic police should challan the buses, minibuses and coaches on violation of official colour code, while transport department should cancel the route permits of such public transport vehicles if they fail to don paint of official colour code. It must also be ensured that bus drivers and conductors wear their prescribed uniform and issue tickets after charging fare from commuters. Similarly, action as per law should be taken against taxi and rickshaw drivers violating fare-by-meter rule.

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