Punjab Chief Minister visits Mandi Bahauddin to inaugurate and lay Foundation Stones of Development Projects worth Rs.23 billion

Lahore, January 25, 2018 (PPI-OT):Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif visited Mandi Bahauddin district today. During the visit, he inaugurated and laid the foundation stones of different development projects amounting to Rs.23 billion. He announced construction of Dinga-Mandi Bahauddin Road along-with elevating the status of Rasool Technical College to the university, adding that he will revisit this area soon to lay the foundation stone of the university. After the inauguration and foundation stones laying of different development projects, he addressed a mammoth public gathering at Malikwal and said that a sea of the people is witnessed to the fact that PML-N shall again succeed in the elections of 2018. I have given the gift of mobile hospital to the people of Layyah during my visit there and now I have brought a gift of mobile hospital for the people of Mandi Bahauddin, as well.

This mobile hospital facility will provide round-the-clock treatment and diagnostic facilities to the people living in far-flung area of the district. Now the people will not have to go far-off for treatment as the facility is available to them at their doorsteps. A new hospital has been set up in Malikwal while the repair and construction of DHQ Hospital Mandi Bahauddin is going on in full swing. He said that a dual carriageway has been constructed from Gujrat to Salim Interchange while thousands of kilometres long rural roads have also been constructed under Khadim-e-Punjab Rural Roads Program. He said that he visited the area in 2013’s elections and had promised that the darkness of loadshedding will be eliminated under the leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

Now after four-and-a-half year time, the darkness of loadshedding has been removed and the country is progressing. He said that economy was ruined due to lack of electricity for the last 15 years and industry and agriculture were ruined. He said that Sindh, KPK and Baluchistan had gas facility with them but Punjab had neither electricity nor any sui-gas; due to this, industry in Punjab was destroyed and homes were plunged in darkness. There was no electricity for tube wells either. The PML-N government has set up energy projects of thousands of megawatts capacity by working day and night.

China has invested billions of dollars in all the federating units and also established electricity generation projects of thousands of megawatts capacity. A few years back, Zardari Sahib claimed that he devised the CPEC project and the nation wants to know that if you have had signed the CPEC projects, then why the foundation stones of the projects were not laid? On the other side, Imran Khan Niazi speaks lies day and night and levels allegations. During an interview in 2013, he claimed that he will make KPK self-sufficient in electricity and this electricity will also be provided to whole of Pakistan.

KPK is a beautiful province where there are mountains, waterfalls and has a mega capacity of hydel power generation. But Khan Sahib has not produced even a single kilowatt electricity till today. Khan Sahib has spoken lies day and night; levelled baseless allegations and indulged in sit-ins. He also did agitations and lockdowns. On the other side, we served the people day and night and removed the darkness of loadshedding. Niazi Sahib levelled an allegation against me that I have taken bribe from Javed Sadiq to the tune of 27 billion rupees and also alleged that I bribed him 10 billion rupees in Panama Case.

I went to court but Khan Sahib continued to delay the case-process instead of appearing in the court. He sometime alleged that somebody did a corruption of 300 billion rupees. I request the Chief Justice Lahore High Court to constitute a bench to decide about the allegations levelled against me in few days. If I have given bribe or accepted it then I shall go home and I if Niazi sahib has spoken lie, then he should retire from the politics. Now the people should decide that whether they need a deceitful and hypocrite leader who is involved in the politics of allegations? Has a person the right to represent Pakistan who is involved in agitation, lockdowns, sit-ins, and politics of falsehood, hypocrisy and allegations?

The election of 2018 is nearer and the people will have to decide carefully that if they need a political leadership that served them or they need Niazi Sahib who speaks lies and Zardari Sahib who is involved in plunder. He said that Zardari Sahib who is totally drenched in corruption says that he has come to stocktake the corruption of Sharif family. First you should give details of your corruption that how you have looted the natural resources with both hands.

A former PPP leader lives in this area that has done corruption of billion of rupees in EOBI scandal. He had full backing of Zardari Sahib but now this man has joined the PTI. He said that we have completed public welfare projects by working day and night and national resources have been utilized for public welfare by considering them as sacred trust of the people. For the first time in the history of the country, fertilizers have been given at half the price to the farmers and subsidy to the tune of billions of rupees has been given on electricity tube wells. Similarly, interest-free loans have been given to small farmers and 3.5 lakhs deserving students have been given opportunity to study through educational stipends. Children of low-income families are studying free of cost in Danish Schools.

This is the Pakistan of Iqbal and Jinnah and we are working to transform this country according to the vision of our founding fathers but this has made Zardari, Khan Sahib and Tahir ul Qadri unnerved and they politically attacked me but I will fully respond to them. He said that Pervaiz Elahi was in power in Punjab in 2007 and General Musharraf was ruling in federal government and they tried to make a dacoity on the iron ore reserves of Chiniot. The governments of Musharraf and Pervaiz Elahi gave tender to a Pakistani American who was the brother of civilian secretary of General Musharraf without any tender.

When we came into power in 2008 we cancelled the agreement and the case was heard in the court for three years and the court gave the verdict that dacoity has been made on the Punjab kitty. The court referred the case to NAB for investigations. Due to our efforts, iron ore reserves have been identified in Chiniot having a total value of 450 billion rupees. The people who tried to make the dacoity of national kitty have done cruelty with the nation. I shall request Almighty Allah on the Day of Judgment that I should be forgiven because I have recovered the resources of the poor nation from the corrupt people and showered them at the feet of the poor nation.

The Chief Minister said that if we are accorded an opportunity to serve the people again and I am chosen as Khadim-e-Pakistan, then Mandi Bahauddin will be developed like Faisalabad. He said that sugar mills are doing injustice with farmers and I hold meeting everyday to review this situation. I have ordered to arrest the mill owner yesterday. I shall ensure to provide suitable price of sugarcane to farmers come what may. The persons who will try to snatch the rights of the farmers will have to go to jails.

The person who wakes up at one P.M daily cannot do anything and Nazi Sahib who wakes up lately starts levelling allegations and speaking falsehood in the evening. On the other side Zardari Sahib has looted national money and bought Surrey Palace and his six billion rupees are deposited in Switzerland. If I am made Khadim-e-Pakistan and we are chosen to serve the people again in 2018, the looted money will be returned back and Pakistan will be made a welfare state, he added. The Chief Minister inaugurated 94 KM long Gujrat-Salim Interchange via Mandi Bahauddin Road, 24 KM long Khalia-Sial Interchange Road, Gojra to Talhi Adda, Pul Noorania to Tibba Manik Bosal and 69 KM long Gojra–Qadirabad Road.

He also inaugurated THQ Hospital Malikwal which has been completed with the cost of 31 crore rupees. He laid foundation stone of development works of Government Degree College Malikwal. He also laid the foundation stone of bridge construction project at Jhelum Rive which will be completed with 1.5 billion rupees. He laid foundation stones of many other projects as well. Meanwhile, Rs. 2 billion, 75 crore and 89 lakh will be spent on construction of bridge and four roads in Mandi Bahauddin. The Chief Minister announced that development projects will be completed by the end of this year.

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