Lahore, Following orders from Inspector General Police Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar, the Punjab Highway Patrol (PHP) has ramped up its efforts to ensure safer and more secure highways across the province, enhancing their presence and assistance to the commuting public.

According to Punjab Police, this initiative is part of Dr. Anwar’s vision of “safe roads for the people,” focusing on accident prevention, law enforcement, and smooth traffic flow. The PHP has notably increased its field patrolling and implemented several measures to aid and guide citizens while actively preventing crime.

The report from the past week highlights significant achievements, including the screening of over 831,000 individuals, the apprehension of 110 judicial fugitives, and the recovery of 67 stolen vehicles. Moreover, the PHP’s enforcement of traffic laws resulted in over 63,000 e-challans and the collection of substantial fines contributing to public treasury.

The PHP’s comprehensive efforts have garnered positive feedback from the community, affirming the effectiveness of their presence and actions on Punjab’s highways.