Punjab University holds protest gathering against North Atlantic Treaty Organization attack at Old Campus

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Lahore: Punjab University held a protest gathering against the NATO attack on Pakistani check posts in Mohmand Agency here in the lawn of College of Art and Design, Old Campus.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran led the gathering in which Principals College of Information Technology Prof Dr Syed Mansoor Sarwar, College of Art and Design Prof Dr Rahat Naveed Masud, College of Pharmacy Prof Dr Syed Saeed-ul-Hassan, Hailey College of Banking and Finance Prof Dr Kh Amjad Saeed and Oriental College Prof Dr Mazhar Moeen and a large number of teachers, students and employees from these colleges participated.

The participants were holding banners and placards, carrying slogans against the unprovoked and barbaric attack of NATO, tribute to martyred, sympathy with the bereaved families and solidarity with the Pakistani armed forces.

Addressing the participants, VC Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran said the blood of soldiers martyred in unprovoked and baseless attack of US and NATO forces would not go in vain and we would build a stronger Pakistan. He said the fall of US would start when Pakistani people would become a strong wall against US aggression.

He said the world was a battle-field and that nation prevailed who get themselves prepared, and we should do our work with hard work and dedication in this regard. The Vice-Chancellor said knowledge was the headspring of power and first injunction was related to pen and knowledge. The government should promote education and make the universities real headsprings of education and research.

He said we endorsed the steps of Pakistani government including suspension of NATO supply, taking back the control of Shamsi base and boycott of Bonn conference and expect that the recent anger of people would be given a permanent shape so that revenge of martyred could be taken.

He said a group of international bankers was the enemy of Americans, Pakistanis and whole world and it aimed at occupying resources and making the world a slave but we would defeat these imperialistic forces. He said US army was the biggest terrorist in the world which had murdered hundreds of thousands innocent people in Japan, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries but had not apologized so far.

Now the US Congress was going to discuss such an authoritarian law under which US forces would have authority to arrest anybody in the world which they consider as terrorist and keep them in their custody for an indefinite period. Dr Mujahid Kamran said Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey could defeat the US. We stand united with Pakistani armed forces.

He said India was our enemy and would be. RAW, CIA and Mossad had built a force to destroy Pakistan. The Vice-Chancellor concluded his speech with a poem of Allama Iqbal “Is Jahan Sy Aagy Aur Bhi Hain.”

Earlier Director Students Affairs Iftikhar Ahmad Chaudhry, in his speech, said protest rally and today’s gathering of teachers, students and employees were the reflect of their feelings and 63 percent youth of the country had announced that no compromise would be made on country’s unity, solemnity and sovereignty. Pakistan and Afghanistan would become graveyard for US. In the end, Prof Dr Mazhar Moeen led collective dua for the martyred of NATO attack.

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