Rally in Larkana marks World Environment Day

LARKANA: On the eve of World Environment Day, an awareness rally was taken out from the State Life Building by the Sindh Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Regional Office in Larkana on Sunday which reached the press club after walking through various roads in the city which was also participated by employees of the Forest Department.

Speaking on the occasion, SEPA Deputy Director, Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah, said that we are celebrating World Environment Day, which aims to raise awareness among the public about the importance of the environment and the hazards of pollution. He said that the Earth is the only place for humans to live, so it is very important to protect the Earth’s environment by planting a maximum number of trees to protect the planet’s beauty from its environmental pollution, including controlling the industrial turmoil.

We can improve our planet, which is why it is important to comply with the Environmental Law of the SEPA Act 2014 to control the Earth’s rising heat flux, he emphasized. Speaking on the occasion, Assistant Commissioner, Ahmed Ali Soomro, also talked about the importance of trees, saying that the trees are human friendly, from which we get oxygen and sit in the shade of the trees to protect ourselves from heat and there are numerous other benefits of the trees.

He said there are currently 8 billion people around the world, if every one person plants one tree, the Earth’s beauty can be saved from the worst environmental pollution, climate change and rising heat which is badly affecting everyone including animals. He said nature is to be saved at all costs or we all will suffer. Soomro further said there are some cities in the world whose trees are at risk because of their lack of interest in the trees.