Prime Minister’s Youth Programme Chairman Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan on Tuesday convened a crucial meeting with Dr Muhammad Nizamuddin, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Gujrat, and Nadeem Mujtaba, CEO of ICMA Digital, to address the pressing issues in education, including the recent declaration of an education emergency by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss innovative approaches to curriculum development for higher education and the integration of technical training aspects, according to a press release.

Rana Mashood emphasized the urgency of the education emergency declared by the Prime Minister and the need for swift action to address systemic challenges in the education sector.

Dr Muhammad Nizamuddin shared insights from his extensive experience in academia and underscored the importance of reforming higher education curricula to meet the evolving needs of the job market.

He stressed the critical role of universities in equipping students with practical skills and competencies that enhance their employability and contribute to national development goals. Nadeem Mujtaba highlighted the significance of industry collaboration in shaping education policies and curriculum design.

He emphasized the need for universities to forge partnerships with the private sector to ensure that educational programs align with industry demands and foster innovation and entrepreneurship among students.

During the discussion, participants addressed various aspects of the education emergency, including access to quality education, teacher training, infrastructure development, and digital literacy initiatives.

They explored strategies to leverage technology for remote learning, skill assessment, and professional development opportunities for educators. Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan reiterated the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme’s commitment to support initiatives that enhance the quality and relevance of education in Pakistan.

He stressed the importance of collaborative efforts between government, academia, and industry to address the challenges posed by the education emergency and ensure that every Pakistani has access to quality education.

The meeting concluded with a commitment to ongoing collaboration and dialogue to develop actionable recommendations for addressing the education emergency and driving positive change in the education sector.