Retired govt employees demand payment of group insurance

Larkana:A meeting of Government Retired Employees Welfare Association members was held under the chairmanship of Hamza Kalhoro here on Sunday in which it was demanded of the current rulers of Sindh province to pay group insurance amount, benevolent fund and issuance of Health cards without further delay to the retired government servants who served the government honestly throughout their life.

The meeting was participated by Qurban Ali Kumbhar, Nazir Hussain Deenari, Hafiz Dur Muhammad, Gul Hasan Mirjat, Mazhar Ali Soomro, Muhab Ali Phulpoto, Mithal Junejo and others. They said that other provinces have paid the group insurance amount and benevolent fund to their retired employees but Sindh government is treating their aged employees discriminatory and step-monthly despite Supreme Court Order which should be taken notice of by the apex court for a long delay.

They said group insurance payment is to be used by the retired employees for their medical treatment as the prices of life saving medicines have gone sky-high recently which cannot be afforded from meager monthly pension amounts.

They said Sindh government is wasting their time on one pretext or the other hence those involved in dilly delaying tactics should also be exposed and punished. They demanded payment of group insurance, benevolent funds and health cards immediately so that they could be able to pass their remaining life comfortably.

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