Rulers have no morals, claims Liaquat Baloch


LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Liaqat Baloch on Saturday said the present rulers had no morals, as the Prime Minister used to issuing statements and then going back on these.

Talking to journalists after inaugurating a Super Store at Jauhar Town, he called the present government a fraud in the name of democracy.

Liaquat Baloch said democratic governments were not run in the manner the present rulers were doing, adding that present government had made miserable the lives of masses in all walks of life, including workers, the farmers and traders.

The suspension of gas and electricity supply had affected the industrial units as also the households. Millions of workers had been rendered jobless and the people were finding it hard to make both ends meet, he said.

JI leader predicted another raise in the petroleum products prices from 1 February would further cause a fresh flood of price spiral and add to the worries of the people. He said the load shedding of electricity and gas had already ruined the business and the fresh raise would deteriorate the situation further.

Liaqat Baloch said that the government was printing notes in billions every day to meet its lavish spending while the electricity, gas and diesel prices were being enhanced every other day. He said the farmers were finding it hard to purchase fertilizer and even irrigation water for their lands.

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