Saifullah appreciates Pak-Turk Foundation role in education


Islamabad: Chairman Senate Foreign Relation Committee Senator Salim Saifullah Khan has appreciated the role of Pak-Turk Foundation in the field of education and social welfare of Pakistan on Monday.

He stated this during a meeting held here with Country Director of Pak-Turk International CAG Educational Foundation. He said that Government of Turkey and its people always helped Pakistan in time of crisis and that was why the people of Pakistan had great regard for their Turks brothers.

Country Director Unal Tisur while giving the detail of its organizational activities said that it had constructed 18 schools in big cities of Pakistan and handed over them to the Government of Pakistan in running form.

Country Director Unal Tisur also said that his foundation carried out 32000 sacrifices on the occasion of Eidul Azha. Salim Saifullah hoped that Pak-Turk Foundation would work with the same spirit in the field of education and social welfare in Pakistan.

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