The Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) has established a Rain Emergency Center at the Civic Center Annex Building in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. This center will operate 24/7 to address any emergency situations that may arise during the anticipated monsoon rains.

According to the Director General of SBCA, Abdul Rasheed Solangi, a comprehensive contingency plan has been developed in collaboration with district administration to effectively manage any emergencies during the upcoming monsoon season. The SBCA is in constant communication with Deputy Commissioners, the Secretary of Archives and Culture, and other relevant institutions to ensure a coordinated response.

DG SBCA Abdul Rasheed Solangi emphasized that SBCA staff will be present at the Rain Emergency Center around the clock to respond to any incidents. All directors will remain in their respective districts with their officers during the expected rains, ensuring continuous monitoring of all potential situations.

In case of any emergency, the public is urged to report to the Rain Emergency Center at 99232355, through social media pages, or via the official website

Survey reports indicate that out of 570 buildings in Karachi, 135 are under the Department of Archives and Culture. Additionally, 81 buildings in the Hyderabad region, 60 in the Sukkur region, 7 in the Mirpurkhas region, and 4 in the Larkana region, totaling 722 buildings, have been declared dangerous and uninhabitable.

The DG SBCA has issued warnings to the residents and users of these dangerous buildings to evacuate immediately to protect lives and property. Due to water seepage during rains, there is a significantly increased risk of these buildings collapsing or catching fire due to short circuits.

To manage any adverse situations, four teams have been formed, and trained contractors, laborers, and machinery will be available 24/7 at the Rain Emergency Center. Banners and flex signs will be placed on all buildings declared dangerous. Residents of extremely dangerous buildings will be evacuated with the help of district administration and police.

A comprehensive awareness campaign has been launched through print media to inform the public. Notices have been issued to residents of dangerous buildings to vacate immediately. A list of these buildings has been sent to the district administration.