Seasonal finance ministers came only to save their wealth: Cheema

LAHORE: Spokesperson for the Punjab chief minister and the provincial government Musarrat Cheema on Sunday said the default of any country established when the people started dying for flour in an agricultural country.

“Yesterday in Sindh a citizen lost his life in a stampede while buying cheap flour,” she said in a tweet. The PTI leader said Pakistan had practically become bankrupt, but there was no shame on the faces of the incompetent ministers of the “fake” government.

She further said the poor people of Pakistan had now reached the point of starvation, adding if the situation was not controlled in a few days the people would take matters into their own hands.

Cheema said after the shortage of food items, there were reports that the price of petrol would be increased. She alleged that looters and seasonal finance ministers came only to save their wealth, adding the thieves who were sinking the country s economy were benefiting from NRO day by day.