Seerat-un-Nabi Sallal laho Alaihe Wassallam Conference held at Punjab University

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Lahore: Punjab University organized Seerat-un-Naib (Sallal laho Alaihe Wassallam) Conference here in the Faisal Auditorium on Wednesday. Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran presided over the conference in which renowned religious scholars including Dr Sarfraz Ahmad Khan Awan, Dr Muhammad Hammad Lakhvi, Syed Ahmad Iqbal Rizvi and Maulana Ahmad Ali Kasuri addressed the participants. Prof Dr Hafiz Mahmood Akhtar conducted the stage. Registrar Prof Dr Rass Masood Khan, deans, principals, chairmen, faculty members, administrative officers, students and employees were also present on the occasion.

While addressing the gathering, veteran religious scholar Maulana Ahmad Ali Kasuri said it was a matter of pride for us that we were Muslims but the need of the hour was to work hard for following the teachings of Prophet Muhammad SAWW. He said the purpose of such ceremonies was to rectify our society keeping in view our current situation and in the light of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad SAWW.

He said that Quran had narrated about Ramses (Firon) in all the Parra’hs and we should study the Holy Book not only to recognize him but to stand against him. He said Firon of today’s era was the United States and it wanted to occupy and rule the world. According to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, he said, we needed Ilmi Ijtehad, unity and Jihad to fight these imperialistic powers. He said that there was a dire need of creating new knowledge in all the fields of education.

Syed Ahmad Iqbal Rizvi said the reason behind the downfall of the Muslim nation was its distance from the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW). He said it was the best act for the Muslims to adopt the characteristics of the personality of our beloved Prophet. He said that the Muslims could stage revolution if they follow model of truthfulness from the holy life of Prophet Muhammad.

He said the teachings of Prophet Muhammad urged us to give importance to knowledge and educators. He said the killing of Muslims by Muslims and suicide attacks in an Islamic land in the name of Jihad were due to lack of wisdom and sense of understanding. He said the Prophet (SAWW) had advised us to help innocent people and do Jihad against tyrants.

He said one could not be a Muslim if one was not thinking about the Muslims of Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Palestine and Iraq according to a Hadith. He said all the Muslims should unite on common issues and should set aside differences.

Dr Sarfraz Ahmed Khan Awan said the basis of our faith was our love with Allah and Rasool SAWW, which demanded us to believe in the holy personality of Prophet Muhammad SAWW in true sense. He said our faith could not be accepted and completed unless we follow the orders of our beloved Prophet SAWW. He said our love with Prophet SAWW must prevail all the worldly things and wishes.

Dr Hammad Lakhvi said in his address that Allah had created man and genie only for his worship and slavery. He said if man wanted freedom, he should obey and submit before Allah Almighty only. He said only He is able to be worshiped who has created the universe. But, he said, He devolved His authority to the prophets and following the teachings of prophets is equal to following His command.

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