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Serious steps needed to expedite lingering Kachhi Canal project

July 2, 2020

Quetta:Kachhi Canal is amongst the most neglected national projects od this country and serious steps needed to expedite the lingering Kachhi Canal project.

Kachhi Canal Project aims at to provide irrigation water to 713,000 acres land and accelerate the pace of economic growth in the less developed area of Balochistan Province.

The Canal off-takes from Taunsa Barrage and servers as carrier channel in Punjab. The command area of the project lies in Balochistan province. Kachhi Canal Project is being executed in phased manner and Phase-I of the Project is being implemented. Phase-I (RD 0 to RD 1193) 363 Km, 72,000 acres in District Dera Bugti. Phase-I Remaining (RD 1193 to RD 1322) 40 Km 30,000 Acres in district Dera Bugti. Phase-II (RD 1322 to RD 1512) 58 Km, 267,000 Acres in district Nasirabad and Bolan. Phase-III (1512 to RD 1645) 39 Km, 344,000 Acres in district Nasirabad, Bolan and Jhal Magsi.

Salient features of Phase-I includes, Command Area, 72,000 acres (District Dera Bugti). Length of Main Canal, 363 Km (RD 0 to RD 1193). Distribution System, 81 km District Dera Bugti (Balochistan). Canal Capacity, 6,000 Cusecs. PC-I Cost, Rs. 80,352 Million (ECNEC 07.03.2017).

PSDP Allocation 2019-20, Rs. 6,604.803 Million. Up to Date Expenditure, Rs. 73,650.814 Million. Date of Completion, 31.12.2019. Physical Progress: Phase-I, 99.12%. PC-1 for remaining works of Phase-1 includes PC-I amounting to Rs. 25,729 Million for Remaining works of Phase-I from RD 1193 to RD 1322 (40 Km) and 32 Km Distributaries for irrigation of 30,000 acres land of district Dera Bugti submitted on 05.06.2018, discussed in the CDWP Meeting dated 19.02.2019 and Committee headed by Member (I and RC) Planning Commission was constituted for review and development of command area to submit its recommendation within one month.

Meeting of the committee held on 17.04.2019, whereby it has been decided that the Project will be placed before the forum for its consideration. Salient features (remaining works) consists of Command Area, 30,000 acres (District Dera Bugti). Length of Main Canal (Lined), 40 km (RD 1193 to RD 1322). Distribution System, 32 km District Dera Bugti (Balochistan). Construction Period, 3 years. PC-I of Phase-II and III mentions the main incremental benefits of the project for irrigation of 611,000 acres land lies in Phase-II and III from RD 1322 to RD 1645 (97 Km Earthen Canal and 1100 Km Distributaries in Districts Naseerabad, Bolan and Jhal Magsi).

The provision for detailed design, survey and investigation and preparation of PC-I for Phase-II and III from RD 1322 to RD 1645 has been made in the PC-I for Remaining works of Phase-I and The PC-I of Phase-II and III will be submitted after approval of PC-I for Remaining works of Phase-I and upgrading of detailed design review.

Planning and Development Division Islamabad has constituted a Steering Committee comprising; Chief Secretary Balochistan, Chairman; Engineer-in-Chief (Pak Army), Member; Member (I and M) Planning Commission, Member; Addl. Chief Secretary (Dev) Balochistan, Member; Addl. Secretary Finance Division, Addl. Secretary Finance Division. Additional Secretary (Water and Power) Division, Chairman WAPDA, Member; Secretary Irrigation Department Balochistan, Member. Chief (Water) Planning Commission, is Member/ Secretary.

Terms of Reference (TOR) of KACHI Canal Project are (i) The Steering committee will meet quarterly to review the physical and financial progress of project and address all issues pertaining to project activities (if any) and also to recommend allocation and releases of funds according to the physical progress of the project and (ii) Meetings of the Steering Committee held on 05.06.2013, 09.10.2015, 15.03.2016, 15.04.2016, 16.05.2017 at Balochistan House Islamabad, 24.05.2016 and 25.05.2016 at Quetta, and last meeting held on 05.07.2018 at Islamabad. Command area of KACHI Canal Project is the responsibility of Govt. of Balochistan. WAPDA made the main canal and distribution system operational for 72,000 acres land of District Dera Bugti.

The completed portion of the Canal RD 00+000 to RD 1193+00 (363 KM) is designed for 6,000 cusecs whereas at present only 200 cusecs is flowing in the canal, resulting in sedimentation and weed growth, thereby affecting its hydraulic aspects which is very harmful for the life of the canal.

The Govt. of Balochistan should expedite and complete the Command Area Development works in synchronization with the completion of works of Phase-I. Way forward of Kachhi Canal Project includes (i) Approval of PC-I for remaining works of Phase-I from RD 1193± to 1322± (40 Km) to irrigate 30,000 acres land of District Dera Bugti. (ii) Allocation and Releases of Rs. 3,500 Million during FY 2019-20 to start the activities of 1st Contract Package (18 Km) for remaining works of Phase-I. (iii) Firm commitment by Govt. of Balochistan for completion of remaining Command Area Development Works in synchronization with the completion of works of Phase-I. (iv) Steering Committee meeting be convened quarterly for addressing the issues of Kachhi Canal.

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