Sindh Energy Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has said that the Sindh government would introduce an interest-free loan scheme for installing solar systems.

This he said while addressing media person at his residence. Shah acknowledged various issues faced by the region and highlighted the government efforts to alleviate these problems through the budget. He emphasized that ongoing schemes had been prioritized, and the promises made to the public would be fulfilled.

He also announced measures to ensure the supply of clean water across Sindh. He pointed out that over 200,000 houses in the province still lacked electricity.

To address this, the government plans to provide electricity to 500,000 people annually. Initially, every poor household would receive solar systems capable of powering a fan and three bulbs.

For those who wish to install solar systems independently, the government was introducing an interest-free loan scheme. The interest on these loans will be covered by the Sindh government. Additionally, Shah revealed plans to construct two grid stations in every district of Sindh to further improve the region’s energy infrastructure.