SHC orders removal of encroachment from irrigation lands


KARACHI:The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Monday ordered authorities relevant for removal of all illegal constructions from irrigation land in Sindh.

An SHC bench headed by Justice Muhammad Iqbal Kalhoro heard a case pertaining to illegal construction on irrigation lands in Sindh. The court asked where the progress report is. The court inquired from the irrigation department that has the first phase been completed and all commercial buildings demolished? “We are not at all satisfied with the government action and the report,” the court said.

The court remarked that commercial work is going on, people are making money. “If people are not given alternatives, where will the homeless go?” The court asked. It is your responsibility to give people alternative housing, Justice Kalhoro. But there will be no concessions against commercial workers, the court said, adding, if the court order is not implemented, no one will be lenient. “We must end encroachments in any case,” Justice Kalhoro remarked.

You are destroying the houses of poor people instead of demolishing commercial buildings, the court remarked, where will go the children of poor people whom houses you are demolishing, the court observed. Should the poor come to the roads with their children? Court said. The court sought a progress report from the Sindh government and adjourned the hearing till March 8.