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SHCC submits its recommendations to health minister to combat corona

March 27, 2020

KARACHI: Sindh Healthcare Commission’s (SHCC) Board of Commissioners (BoC) has submitted its recommendations to Minister and Secretary Health, Sindh.

The deliberations and decisions were made by the Emergency COVID-19 Committee to deal with pandemic. The Committee consists of five members of the BoC, CEO and Directors of SHCC. The SHCC team is working almost round the clock to ensure the implementation of decisions of the Committee and catering to the requests from different corners for any assistance.

In a summary, during this time period SHCC team has shared advisory of health department and is ensuring appropriate measures accordingly, being taken by the registered hospitals. It conducted inspections for labs for corona testing and acted against unauthorized healthcare establishments. More than 100 labs so far have been inspected. The SHCC as a part of the technical committee on laboratories is helping the Sindh govt both in technical and training aspect.

Following are the key recommendations:

The SHCC recommends that we need to set up laboratory facilities across Sindh for testing COVID-19, both in the government/private sector. At least one testing laboratory per district is mandatory. Labs be upgraded at least at all Tertiary and Secondary Care centers, mobile testing facilities can also be considered with trained staff who can be deputed at least in major cities, to cover every 100 km coverage area to provide for quality testing.

SHCC has an offer to establish one lab in Khairpur from a private laboratory which SHCC is currently strengthening at Karachi, all labs offering Corona testing are being inspected by the SHCC team to ensure adoption of required standards. We strongly recommend and request that no labs should be notified without prior inspection of SHCC team and SHCC recommends that PCR testing is ideal. However, if rapid testing is considered for testing, only Antigen based should be allowed.

The SHCC requested the government to subsidize the extortionate amount charged by all the private hospitals for Covid-19 testing and treatment as it is not within the reach of common man. SHCC has strong reservations on the isolation wards/treatment centers in government and other specialized hospitals as the patients there are already immuno compromised, thus, we are putting the already admitted patients at risk. SHCC suggests that schools/colleges/marriage halls/convention centers can be also be used for isolation/quarantine/treatment centers; at least one in every district. SHCC suggests that on urgent basis, all Tertiary Care Hospitals (both Public and Private) across the province be equipped with ventilators and as a second step vent support to be provided on a District Head Quarter level, SHCC has also identified places for the Govt to utilize them as Quarantine centers.

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