Shehbaz urges dialogue for economic stability

By PPI News Agency Feb25,2024

LAHORE: PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday emphasised the critical link between political stability and economic prosperity in the country, underlining that to attain economic stability, it is imperative to address political discord through constructive dialogue.

In a statement released on Sunday, Shehbaz, who is also PML-N’s nominee for the position of prime minister, observed that the need for unity for political and economic stability had never been greater than it is today.

He said that political stability and a peaceful environment were crucial for attracting foreign investment. The former premier stated that concerted efforts were needed to eradicate poverty and unemployment from the country. He also stressed the need for spending as much as possible on the welfare of the people, even while adopting simplicity and austerity.

Expressing his deep concern for the progress of all provinces, Shehbaz affirmed that Pakistan would only prosper when all its units were prosperous.

He highlighted the importance of facing challenges and difficulties with courage and hard work, affirming the necessity for political parties to move forward unitedly to resolve issues facing both the common Pakistanis and the country.

During his tenure as the Punjab chief minister, Shehbaz recalled that billions of rupees were saved by prudent spending and savings on developmental projects, establishing a new record of efficiency and savings.

Shehbaz mentioned Nawaz Sharif's tenure as a golden era of progress and prosperity, and said that under his sagacious leadership, the country would march on the path of happiness and progress.

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