RAWALPINDI: Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid said Wednesday that the country was moving towards default, adding that the state of instability in the country could not be controlled without Imran Khan. Days from December 15 to 30 were important, he stated.

“Whoever loots the wealth of the nation should be executed publicly,” he stated while addressing a ceremony at a public school in Dhoke Elahi Bakhsh in Rawalpindi. While castigating the current rulers, Sheikh Rashid said that he had come from the House of Allah, and people did not like them even there.

“Technically, we have defaulted. Eight months have passed without any contact with the establishment. Pervaiz Elahi will do what Imran Khan says. The nation should prepare itself for the election,” he stated.

In response to a question, Sheikh Rashid said that the nation was looking at the judiciary, adding that even the embassies ran out of money. “The ambassadors are telling me that they do not have money. The chief justice should order to place the names of those who got their cases removed on the Exit Control List (ECL),” he demanded.

“Corruption came to the fore even before the inauguration of Sukkur Motorway. They can cut as many ribbons as they want, they have got 15 days [only],” he maintained. While addressing the ceremony, Rashid also expressed his determination to build more educational institutions and an IT university in Rawalpindi.