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Shopkeepers angry over Dalbandin master plan

May 28, 2020

Chagai:The owners of shops and houses located at London road in Dalbandin have expressed grave concern over a master plan being implemented in the city to reshape its Dalbandin Bazaar.

After a thorough discussion in a meeting held at Notezai House on Thursday, former chairman district council Chagai Mir Dawood Khan Notezai, PTI leader Malik Amanullah Notezai and others in a press conference announced to move the court if the main stakeholders were not taken into confidence in connection with renovation of Dalbandin bazaar under this project.

They said a demarcation process without consulting and considering the ownership of shops and houses shows non-seriousness of concerned authorities and their minster himself who also belongs to Dalbandin.

Mir Dawood Khan Notezai said no one would be permitted to demolish the shops and houses for their own vested interests. They warned if their concerns were not addressed they would not cooperate with government and resist this plan. The government of Balochistan has initially approved Rs130 million for the first phase of master plan for Dalbandin, the district headquarters of Chagai.

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