Wednesday, February 8

Sindh-Balochistan route did not delink: NHA

ISLAMABAD: Spokesperson for the National Highway Authority in statement on Tuesday nullifying the news story regarding detaching of connection between Sindh and Balochistan provinces due to the demolition of the Hub Bridge on the Karachi-Quetta National Highway (N-25).

It says that the respective news items are not based on reality. The statement clarified that the traffic is plying through the Hub Bypass. According to the details, the bridge on the Hub River on the National Highway (N-25) connecting Karachi to Balochistan has collapsed as a result of recent heavy rains and resultant floods. However, the traffic continues through the Hub Bypass.

The 11-km long Hub Bypass starts near Mouza Beirut (Makki Masjid) and joins the National Highway near the customs check post after the bridge over the Hub River. Now, the Hub Bypass is used as an alternative safe route on which the traffic is flowing smoothly. Furthermore, the National Highway Authority has sought the advice of construction experts for the reconstruction of a new bridge over the Hub River and has expressed its commitment to complete it in the minimum possible time.