Sindh CM warns Imran against maligning national institutions

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said on Monday that former prime minister Imran Khan after losing his government had lost his senses and started attacking and maligning national institutions, including judiciary, national security, and Election Commission of Pakistan.


“This attitude is uncalled for by a person who has been the prime minister of the country,” he said while talking to media at Sukkur airport and in a statement issued here from CM House. Shah said that the language the former prime minister was using in his public meetings against important institutions of the country was not only derogatory, insulting and humiliating but it was bound to create in civil war in the country.


“I am surprised that a person who has been the prime minister of the country is crossing all the limits in targeting national institutions just for his personal interest,” he said. Mr Shah said that political battles were fought politically in the political arena, and they were not allowed to be translated into personal enmities. “But, his [Imran Khan] statements show that he has no respect for any institution, politician and even has no regards for international relations of the country – it means he has no respect for himself,” he said.


The chief minister said that Mr Niazi was trying to create polarization in our society which was already struggling against socio-political differences. “We, as a nation have to forge unity, inculcate national spirit among the people instead of fomenting hatred,” he said.


Mr Shah said that Imran Khan as prime minister of the country had weakened all the institutions apart from destroying the national economy. “The new coalition government has to work day and night to restore the national economy and alleviate poverty,” Mr Shah said. Shah warned Imran Khan to refrain from defaming the national institutions, otherwise, this nation would never pardon him.


Surprise visit


Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah paid a surprise visit to the Old Sindh Secretariat, known as Tughluq House, on Monday morning, and visited different departments to check attendance of the officers.


The departments the chief minister visited include Agriculture, Excise and Taxation, Education, Industries and Home. The chief minister urged the provincial secretaries to ensure attendance of all the officers so that public problems could be addressed in time.