Sindh govt behind delay in K-4 project: Adil

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice President and parliamentary party leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that the Sindh government, itself, is behind the delay in K-4 water project because it wants to punish the Karachiites for not giving vote to the PPP.

Addressing a press conference in Insaf House here Sunday, flanked by PTI leaders Hunaid Lakhani, Sumair Mir Sheikh and others, he said the PPP has made Karachi a Katchra Kundi. He said the Karachiites are being punished for not giving vote to the PPP. He said the PPP has also not spared Larkana, despite the people of Larkana had given vote to it, but they are given no facilities.

He said the Sindh chief minister claims that the Prime Minister has got stopped the K-4 project. He said the fact is that the PPP government is behind the delay in this project, in which a huge corruption is made. He said the K-4 could have easily been completed in Rs75billion, but it is still left incomplete. He said due to water shortage megacity Karachi depicts a Karbala. He said many Karachiites could not find even drinking water. He said in four months the government of Sindh has not got approved the K-4 project from cabinet, which is a shame.

Haleem Adil said apart from Karachi, the PPP government has ruined Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Sukkur, Larkana and other cities and towns. He said no development schemes are made for the urban areas of Sindh. He said three major hospitals of Karachi had been with the Federal government since their beginning. He said the federal government has never asked that the Sindh government should pay their expenditures of past 50 years.

He said now Sindh health minister asks that federal government should return the amount the provincial government spent on these hospitals. He asked had the provincial government spent money on these hospitals from the personal accounts of Zardari or Omni Group. He said it was public money and spent on public service institutions. He said sadly the Sindh government has burdened the NICVD with loans of Rs16billion.

Haleem Adil said in this Sindh budget nothing is tagged for any mega scheme in Karachi and we reject this anti-people budget. He said Rs100billion are tagged for non-developmental sector, and this money is tagged for corruption of rulers. He said expenses for CM House and helicopter travel are increased. He said in 12 long years the Sindh government has not given a single public transport bus to megacity Karachi and nor given it a single water supply scheme. He said Karachi collects 95percent of revenue and in return it is given nothing.

He said Sindh government is involved in corruption in hospital funds. He said Rs35 Crore are paid for salaries of NICVD and the salary of Nadeem Qamar alone is Rs6.5million a month. He said all people living in Sindh are Sindhis and the PPP has no right to give them residential certificates. He said when we requested in Sindh assembly to pray for the destruction of those who have destroyed Sindh, and the members of the PPP fled from the assembly.

He said the rulers have given Sindh AIDS. He said the PPP through Kanasro mafia has even made corruption in the funds of culture and archeology. He said those talking about handing minister for air crash is silent on what action is taken against those responsible for building collapse deaths in Karachi.

Haleem Adil said the fake licenses were given to PIA pilots in the period of the PPP government. He said Aijaz Haroon who is also involved in money laundering is also involved in the fake pilot license scam. He said two sisters of Nafeesa Shah of PPP are direct beneficiaries of PIA.

He said the PPP made a water tank in Larkana but water pipelines are yet to be made functional. He said now they are making hue and cry on price of oil. He said the federal government has given schemes of Rs1200 billion to Karachi. He said 90 schemes of Sindh are included in the federal development program.

He said we are not afraid of those who claim to launch a campaigning against the federal government. He said there is no threat for the federal government. He said the federal government has given Rs332billion to Sindh for royalty of gas in last 10 years. He said Sindh government has failed to make even one model district. he said the condition of Ghotki, the largest gas producing area in Sindh, is still very poor. He said Sindh would not attain progress and prosperity until the monetary award is distributed at the provincial level