The Sindh government’s Human Rights Department has launched the Legal Aid and Human Rights Complaints Portals to provide free legal aid to marginalized individuals who are victims of human rights violations.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Secretary of the Sindh Human Rights Department, Ms. Tahseen Fatima, highlighted the provincial government’s commitment to addressing the issues faced by the deserving, poor, and needy. “We have worked hard to make these portals efficient and aim to ensure accountability and transparency,” she stated. The primary objective of these portals is the integration of complaints, enhancing the overall responsiveness to human rights violations.

Ms Fatima encouraged the general public to utilize and popularize these services. Mr. Iqbal Detho, Chairman of the Sindh Human Rights Commission, emphasized Sindh’s unique position in having an independent Human Rights Commission, unlike other provinces.

The Commission has the authority to take suo moto action against fundamental rights violations. “We are working to mainstream legal aid mechanisms, with the Sindh government providing Rs 100 million for legal aid to needy and poor,” he added. Mr. Detho also mentioned the Commission’s process of receiving complaints, investigating, and submitting recommendations to the concerned departments.

Jameel Hussain Junejo, Executive Coordinator of TIC, explained that this initiative aims to centralize all complaint mechanisms across various organizations in the province. Ms. Shehla Qureshi, Assistant Superintendent of Police, noted that the Sindh Police have their own complaint mechanism, with the Police Complaint Centre receiving 8,433 cases between 2020 and 2024.

Bisma Memon and Shahid Abro of the Human Rights Department further elaborated on the functionality and efficiency of the new portals.