Siraj demands uniform national policy to tackle virus


Lahore:Stating that the wavering corona policy of the government was resulting in the spread of the virus, the Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq has called for a uniform policy all over the country against the killer.

In a telephonic talk with the JI leaders at Faisalabad from Mansoora, he asked the government that if lock down was of no good, why the flights, trains and public transport were closed. Sirajul Haq said that if the Prime Minister and his team were not in favour of lock down, they should take all the provincial chief ministers in confidence and take a collective decision to deal with the challenge.

The Prime Minister, he said, was terming lock down as injustice to the people, yet there was lock down in the provinces ruled by the PTI as was the case in Sindh. He said that the federal and the provincial governments were simply serving their ego, and added that if they had been worried for the millions facing hardships due to the corona, they would have been taking practical measures to provide relief to the people instead of hurling accusations over one another.

The JI chief opposed extending lock down at Karachi and said this would do great harm to the trading community. He said, the JI workers and the Al-Khidmat Foundation could be seen all over the country providing relief to the masses. He lauded Faisalabad JI’s project of two loafs for Rs five which had proved highly beneficial for the people. He commended the efforts of the JI Faisalabad chapter for its excellent performance in public service to the people in trouble. He greeted JI Faisalabad chief Azeem Randhawa for that.

Continuing, he said that the Prime Minister talked much about price hike but now that the common man was finding it difficult to arrange Sehri and Iftari, the premier was silent. He said that the prices of pulses, vegetables and fruit had increased many times.

He said that the locust attack in Sindh and the Punjab had done great damage to the crops while the current rains had damaged the wheat crop. He said the poor farmers were looking at the government but no help seemed to coming from there.

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